There are many ways to combat stress and some may be more effective than others. Some methods work for a short time only and some can create problems that lead to even more stress. Holistic methods may be more effective at providing stress relief since they offer a multifaceted approach to stress reduction.

The Holistic Approach

Many things contribute to maintaining a high quality of life. These things include physical, mental, and emotional health, plus the environment, career, family, diet, spirituality, and your social network. Holistic approaches to stress relief acknowledge these diverse factors and attempt to influence as many of them as possible. 

Here are seven different holistic methods that you can try the next time you face a battle with stress. 


A diet rich in junk food with high fat, high sugar, and high carbohydrate content may create chemical and nutritional imbalances. Some foods may contribute to this effect by containing dangerous chemicals. Identify these foods and eliminate them from your diet.

Addressing your nutritional needs can improve your physical condition, your cognitive functions, and emotional responses. 

Regular Exercise

The benefits of regular exercise are well known, and lack of exercise can be a major source of ill health, stress, and anxiety. 

Exercise releases endorphins into your system. These hormones are natural pain relievers that can improve your mood. The long-term result of exercise is better physical and mental health, better sleep, and may contribute to improved self-confidence. 

Deep Breathing

This stress-relieving method is unique since it can be used immediately and in almost any situation. 

Take several deep breaths while you concentrate on the feeling of the air filling your lungs and oxygen entering your bloodstream. Feel your heart beating in your chest and slow it down. Allow the stressful feelings to drain away, like rain off of a roof. This exercise may oxygenate your blood, which can give you more energy, and it gives you a chance to slow down and reduce the fight-flight-or-freeze response. This may help reduce feelings of being out of control, anger, or panic. 

Self Care

This is also known as pampering yourself. 

Book, flowers, and coffee.

Develop a personal ritual of activities you find deeply meaningful or restful. It doesn’t matter what it is as much as your ability to lose yourself, for a short time, in a pleasurable activity. This may take your mind off of the stress and provide other benefits, depending on your activity. 

Quality Sleep & Napping

Chronic lack of sleep is physically demanding and mentally draining. If your schedule is tight and you can’t change it, then learning how to nap may be the answer. 

Naps can help you catch up on lost sleep, but the napping habit may be difficult to acquire. It is a skill, however, and can be learned just like any other skill. Search online for napping techniques, and you can probably find one that you can adapt to your lifestyle.


Among the many herbal supplements on the market, kratom holds a unique position due to its wide range of effects. It gets its strength from more than 40 different alkaloids that make up its active ingredients. Some of these alkaloids interact with mu-opioid receptors in the brain to provide temporary relief from minor discomforts and may promote better mood. 

The full effect of kratom depends on individual metabolism. A small amount of kratom can be invigorating, and larger amounts may help you to relax. Students have used kratom to aid concentration and focus. 

You can find kratom in stores that sell nutritional supplements or you can buy kratom from reputable sources online. One thing to remember is that certain states have regulations around kratom use, so do your research before you buy.


Cannabinoids in cannabis, chiefly THC and CBD (tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol, respectively), affect the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS controls many processes in the human body that affect cognition, memory, emotions, and more.

By influencing the ECS, cannabinoids may aid with homeostasis, which is the ability of the body to maintain a balance between various systems and processes. This may ease multiple sources of internal stress, resulting in better sleep, feelings of relaxation and euphoria, improved mood, and a temporary reduction in minor aches and pains, depending on the individual and the product.  

You can find cannabis products at local or state-operated dispensaries and online. 

Holistic Help For The Weary

When you feel like you need some stress relief, take a break and use one of the holistic methods mentioned here. They may help you to de-stress both physically and mentally and have long-lasting effects that could improve your quality of life. If none of these methods feel right, then search online for other holistic methods that might work for you.